There are many situations when it may be a good idea to try to upsell a client. They may be ranking extremely well in their current locations, considering contract renewal or starting to question the value of your SEO services. Providing them with new opportunities in other cities may be the best way to help your client expand their business while helping you solidify yourself as a valuable business partner.


Finding Opportunities

If your client is a big fish in a little pond, it may be worth your while to do a little digging into nearby cities.  The first step is to identify nearby cities based on population and demographics. With this information, we can determine how difficult it may be to rank in different cities.



One of the first factors I consider is the city’s population size.  This is one of the best ways to narrow down potential locations for expansion. You want to make sure the cities you’re considering are worth the effort. A client that is currently in a city of 500,000 people won’t consider opening a location in a city with 2,500 people. is a great tool for finding information about cities you are unfamiliar with.


Has your client identified their customer personas or demographics? This information could be helpful for narrowing down which cities to consider opening a new location in. If not, use available data online for their industry to determine which cities are ideal based on income, education level, etc.



Factor in the difficulty for ranking in a new city by completing a competitor analysis.

What is the keyword difficulty like in these cities?

How long did it take for your client to dominate their current city?

How many reviews will they need to be competitive in a new city?

What are there current organic rankings like for these potential cities?

How long will it take before the client can recoup the money needed for adding a new business location?


Presenting to the Client

Visual representations and opportunity cost analyses are two great ways to show your client why they should consider expanding their business. If you can show a client their lack of visibility in a city filled with potential customers and provide them with data that shows how competitors are eating their lunch, they are more likely to truly consider your proposal.

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