Branding and marketing guidelines don’t always “gel” with what needs to be done for SEO. Some clients take it a bit too far and won’t budge on “feel good” phrasing. This is when strong communication and collaboration with the client is necessary.

Data is Your Friend

Let’s say you have a client that doesn’t want to use the most relevant keywords for their service/product because it has a negative connotation. They don’t like the words “rehab” or “detox.” There seems to be very little you can do to get around using those words since they also want to rank for “rehab” and “detox.”

It’s important to use data to show the importance of these keywords to the client. Tools like SEMrush and Keyword Planner can help clients realize how much visibility they’re losing by wanting to avoid common terms used by their clientele.

The Solution

Find creative ways to use these words! Use your client’s marketing and branding to your advantage by creating pages directed to why they want to avoid common keywords. Pages like “Detox vs Medication-Assisted Treatment” and “Why X Company Isn’t Like Other Rehab Centers” helped this client explode with new leads. I was able to get them to do what other SEO companies failed to do before, add the keywords needed to improve their visibility.

The Results

Indirect (Non-Banded) Queries

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