Getting a client to implement a review strategy can be hard. It takes getting lots of stakeholders involved as well as getting customer-facing employees to participate. Since Google has cracked down on review gate strategies and other tactics that SEOs have used to get positive reviews, it’s time to get more creative! Here are 2 of my favorite review tactics that don’t violate Google’s terms.


Get Customer-Facing Employees to Ask

I have created review strategies for many clients and it really comes down to just asking. The way you ask is up to you, but you will find that just getting your customer-facing employees to ask for reviews as part of the customer service process is the best way to get positive reviews. A random email or text message days after receiving customer service isn’t going to cut it. Getting the actual person who answered the phone call, chatted with the customer online, or showed up at their doorstep to ask the customer for a review immediately will be significantly more effective. Knowing that their feedback can positively affect a helpful employee is enough of an incentive for most customers.


Employee Contests

Getting customer-facing employees to ask is easier said than done, I know. The best way to get employees to WANT to ask customers for reviews is to make it a rewarding experience for them. I have seen many clients have success with employee review contests. The rules should be simple and avoid any Google violations. For example, the reviewer must be a customer or vendor and employees can’t leave reviews. The employee that is mentioned in the most positive reviews receives a coveted reward like extra PTO or a special parking space.


Annoying but Necessary

The very nature of some businesses puts them at risk for negative reviews. It can’t be easy getting positive reviews as a law firm who is regularly hired by debt collectors! But there are things that can be done to balance your Google reputation. Just asking can make a huge difference.